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The successful cooperation between Patek Philippe and Jewellery Oberleitner was established August 1986 and has now lasted over 30 years.

Patek Philippe is, among lovers and collectors, regarded as the most exclusive and renowned watch brand in the world. The brand manages to put the passage of time into a garment that lasts. A watch reflects the values and personality of its owner and is one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery for gentlemen. More and more women also appreciate the mechanical virtuosity of first-class timepieces. Patek Philippe constantly redefines the boundaries of watchmaking technology. Patek Philippe continually overcomes, shifts and redefines the boundaries of watchmaking technology. Not standing still, not resting on one's laurels, but constant development and innovation have led to more than 100 patents in the history of the company, some of which were and are groundbreaking for the entire industry. The winding crown, the perpetual calendar as a wristwatch, the annual calendar from 1996 and the drag hand chronograph are among the inventions of Patek Philippe.

Since the founding of the company 1839 by Antoine Norbert de Patek and his partner Francois Czapek, replaced by Jean-Adrien Philippe in 1844, the manufactory has been regarded as a pioneer and market leader in the haute horlogerie segment. Some of the most complicated watches in the world, such as the Calibre 89 or the Grandmaster Chime, were developed and manufactured – which took years of research. Today, Patek Philippe is the last family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva, in the fourth generation of the Stern family. The independence of being a family-owned company secures all creative freedom to go own ways and pursue long-term visions. True to the mission of the company founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe »to build the best watches in the world«, a Patek Philippe is much more than only an instrument for tracking time.

At the manufactory building, which was completed 1996 and is located in Plan-Les-Oates, a little city nearby Geneva, are machines also used – the most modern ones available on the market. But above all, is it here the excellently trained watchmakers who perform their highly esteemed manual work. In the unique clock mechnanism portfolio from extra-flat to highly complicated, 16 basic calibers with more than 48 clockwork types are currently in production. Each mechanism and each case are individually numbered and archived. A descendent tree is created in Patek Philippe's archives so that the identity and authenticity of a watch can be determined at any time – today and in the future.

Every new watch, whether it is a Grandes Complication such as a Tourbillon or an apperently simple two-hand watch from the Bauhaus-inspired Calatrava line, must express through its workmanship and the quality of its mechanism what distinguishes Patek Philippe. What makes the design of a Patek Philippe watch a success? Sandrine Stern, director of the design department: »If you remove the watch’s logo and still recognize that it was made by Patek Philippe, then we did a great job.« Indeed: The clear and classic-elegant design of the manufactory represents the noble restraint and the unique character of Patek Philippe.

Spring 2009 Patek Philippe launched its own seal, based on four core values. The quality of craftmanship regarding mechanism and external components, the accuracy of the mechanism and its movement, the quality control and the excellence of customer service. The seal’s criteria are dynamic, so that future developments and technical innovations do not remain without any impact. The Patek Philippe seal has the strictest quality requirements in the world and is the only hallmark of its kind guaranteeing lifelong service to customers and their Patek Philippe watch.

These days, which are technically constantly evolving, require a re-thinking of the art of watchmaking. Indispensable and now self-evident companions of our everyday lives, such as smartphones or laptops, can magnetize mechanical watches. This impairs accuracy. Silicon, for example, can help to a certain extent because it is not a magnetic material.

The exclusion of components made of such modern materials by the Geneva Seal made a separate seal necessary. Values that existed before were, of course, re-established. This has created a guideline for certain aspects of production, but also a reflection of Patek Philippe's values. Also measures to guarantee the quality of the watches on a long-term basis are included by the seal. This long-term promise to all owners of a Patek Philippe is a component of the ten values of the owner family established by Philippe Stern. Independence, tradition, innovation, quality and craftsmanship, rarity, value, aesthetics, emotion, legacy and service. As the guardian of this ›spirit of Patek Philippe‹, no effort is spared to live up to the unsurpassed reputation of the brand among connoisseurs and collectors.

We are happy to accept your used watch from Patek Philippe as payment or buy it from you. In order to appraise your ›old‹ treasure seriously, the simplest and easiest solution is a personal visit to our store. We evaluate your watch to make a fair and marketable offer.

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First minute repeater keeping the time always and everywhere

World-time minute repeater reference 5531R-001: The first minute repeater keeping the local time always and everywhere. Patented world's novelty, staged with a rose gold case and a dial that provides a stage for the high craftsmen's art.

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Patek Philippe minute repeater and worldtimer

The first perpetual calendar of the Nautilus collection

Sporty elegance in the shine of great complications. The first major complication in the Nautilus collection. A combination of sporty design and technical finesse. Reference 5740/1G-001 first perpetual calendar in the Nautilus collection.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual calendar

Patek Philippe Hand Finishing

By human hands: the indispensable skills of hand finishing. The crowning highlight of every Patek Philippe watch is the fact that from the housing to its ticking interior, it has been finished by hand by specialists who have years of professional experience and whose skills are passed on from one generation to the next.

Patek Philippe Hand finishing

The new feminine face of the classic chronograph

A tribute to the growing interest of women in technical refinements. The only chronograph in Patek Philippe's ladies' watch collection replaces the reference 7071 Ladies' First produced from 2009 to 2016. A modified shape of the housing modernises this technical complication for women.

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Patek Philippe Ladies`First

Limited Golden Ellipse D'Or 50th Anniversary

The "Divine Proportion" of the case, which moves between circle and rectangle, is complemented by the elaborate dial with hand-engraved volute decoration and black enamel. The solid base is engraved to commemorate the Ellipse D'Or 1968-2018 anniversary.

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Patek Philippe »Rare Handcrafts«

Ellipse D'Or 1968-2018

Golden Ellipse Jumbo or the Grande Taille version in rose gold. For the 50th anniversary of the collection, the mass of the Jumbo will be adopted, the distinctive design in a rose gold colored case with an ebony black sunburst dial. Driven by the caliber 240 with decentralized mini rotor, which allows an extra-flat movement and thus a slim profile.

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Patek Philipe Ellipse D'Or

The very first Aquanaut Chronograph

With the reference 5968A-001, the sporty and modern Aquanaut collection welcomes the first chronograph. This complication perfectly complements the existing line, presenting the young and dynamic character of the Aquanaut.

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Patek Philippe watches

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