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Luxury watches and leather bracelets from Hermès exclusively in Wiesbaden, Germany

Elegance, perfection and style – the Parisian luxury brand Hermès has long lived up to these expectations. In addition to the prêt-à-porter fashion, the famous silk scarves, perfumes and fine leather goods for which Hermès is world-famous, Hermès has been manufacturing its own timepieces since 1912. La Montre Hermès, based in Switzerland, produces own precision and stylish watch mechanisms since 2012. Due to the brand's historical reference to saddlery, Hermès watches are equipped with luxurious leather bracelets, which are unbelievable soft and comfortable. Like the other products of Hermes, the watches certainly are synonymous with luxury and made with an excellent quality.

It all began with the Hermès family. A family photo from 1912 shows Emile Hermès and his four children. At that time, no one had any idea that the watch, ›Porte-Oignon‹, would be the ideal link between saddlery and the art of watchmaking. The first step on the way to the Hermès watch manufactory. ›Porte-Oignon‹ – which can be translated as ›onion principle‹ – was a custom-made watch for Emile's daughter Jaqueline. This pocket watch model was worn with a fine leather strap as a delicious feminine touch on her wrist and was intended to make it easier for her to read the time while riding. Of course, there are many legends about the invention of the wristwatch and many watchmakers favour their own version – but this version from the family history of Hermès is the one we like best.

In 1928, the private success of the family became a business. In the Hermès boutique in Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, watches bearing the Hermès signature and equipped with the incorruptible perfection of Swiss movements were on display for the first time. In 1928 the time had come for private success to be developed into another exclusive line of business. In the Hermès boutique in Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, watches were shown for the first time that bore the Hermès signature and were equipped with the incorruptible perfection of Swiss movements. Fifty years later, in 1978, Hermès opened its first watch manufactory in Brügg near Biel / Bienne in Switzerland. Since 2003, in-house calibers have also been developed there, thus achieving the sophisticated manufacturing depth of Haute Horlogerie. Learn more about Hermès products at www.hermes.com

Noble leather straps from Hèrmes

Montre Hèrmes is one of the few watch manufacturers that even makes own leather straps. Saddlery and watchmaking are the ideal combination.

Hèrmes leather straps

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