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Wall clocks and grandfather clocks by Erwin Sattler – Make your home extra unique

In the course of time, the family-run company Erwin Sattler, founded in 1958, developed into a manufactory of large clocks with a reputation that is outstanding. Centuries-old craftsmanship is combined with the most modern production technologies to create these simply moving and wonderful timepieces, which are special furnishings. Each clock is manufactured individually and with love, from the best materials to meet the highest quality standards. The manufacturer Erwin Sattler is equipped for individual custom-made products, since almost all components of the exclusive small series are manufactured in-house. Large clocks from Sattler are therefore handmade precision instruments, with an enormous vertical range of manufacture, 100 percent manufactured in Germany.

The owners of the clock manufactury claim produce all the individual components of the movements from the whole material, by milling or twisting, which results in a very high level of precision and accuracy. This can be recognized by the fact that the ticking of the clocks is pleasantly quiet due to the low degree of abrasion and the particularly light drive weights. Only ball and jewel mounted and gold-plated movements are used. The pointers are handmade and are blued in the manufactory, the moon phase displays are hand-painted. In some models the moon consists of a three-dimensional spherical ball. In addition, the precision clocks from the large clock manufacturer Erwin Sattler convince besides numerous functional refinements by their optics. The minimalist straightforwardness of the design is a statement: Sattler builds clocks that are intended for generations, from the classic to the modern, subtle, but always with the noblest appearance.

High-precision pendulum clocks by Erwin Sattler

Clocks in this segment are characterized not only by external elegance and noblesse, but especially by the precision of the time indication. In this segment Sattler manufactures wall clocks and grandfather clocks in different sizes and lengths to perfectly match any living room. Finished with extreme care and, as is usual with Erwin Sattler, with temperature and air pressure compensation. Openworked watch faces on almost all pendulum clocks provide fascinating insights into the heart of these timepieces: the crowning highlight of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship.

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Erwin Sattler – the crowning highlight of traditional clockmaking craftsmanship.

Rope pull regulators are ticking works of art that are an eye-catcher for any interior. Certainly smaller than Erwin Sattler's precision pendulum clocks, but just as thoroughly manufactured. Their simple design is timelessly beautiful. By choosing the clock face with either Roman or Arabic numerals, you can give your watch an individual touch.

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Erwin Sattler rope pull regulators

Mauritius by Erwin Sattler

In addition, the small manufactory builds and designs 'real' clock winders. Each movement is assigned a motor, a winding cylinder and a light barrier. The advantage of this approach is the individual control of each movement – in different directions, to the left or to the right, and at the speed determined by the clock rewind.

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Erwin Sattler Mauritius Clock Winder

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