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The Eberhard & Co. watches are the ideal companions for today's sporty man – extravagantly large, highly complex in construction, yet classic and elegant in their look. Eberhard & Co. is widespread in Italy. The great potential of this brand was recognised by jeweller Oberleitner, as it is the virile man's accessory par excellence and harmoniously matches an expressive personality.

The expressivity of this strong watch brand was no accident. The watch manufactory ›D´Horologerie Eberhard & Co.‹ was founded in 1887 by Georges-Emile Eberhard. He was just 22 years old. Following his energetic vision, Eberhard specialized in technical watches and presented a pocket chronograph already in the founding year. In 1919, he launched the first wrist chronograph. In the following decades, the successors of the founder continued to surprise with technical innovations, such as a chronograph with hour counter or flyback function. This made it possible to measure a time period again without any delay, an important function for pilots. Only during the Second World War did the Swiss company interrupt its work until 1947, when it resumed production. At the end of the 1940s, the first watch in the ›Extra-fort‹ series was released. The collection is still an elementary part of the Eberhard & Co. range and a collector's item for connoisseurs. The models from the 'Extra Fort' series, such as the watches from the ›Tazio Nuvolari‹ series, are among the most influential watches from Eberhard & Co. A further milestone was presented in 1997 with the patented model ›8 Jours‹, the eloquent name rightly refers to the power reserve; this watch does not have to be rewound until eight days after manual winding.

Today, Eberhard & Co. produces around 15,000 watches annually. The manufactory is based in the Swiss watchmaking centre in Biel and continues to be regarded as the specialist for chronographs and precision watches in noble and extravagant design. One of the brand's strengths remained watches with extremely complex technology and a multitude of complications. The Monti family has owned the company since 1969. Eberhard & Co. celebrates its 130th anniversary in 2017.

Eberhard & Co

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Eberhard & Co. Chrono 4

The first chronograph in the history of the art of watchmaking whose meters were arranged horizontally in a row. From both a technical and aesthetic point of view, this patent was a revolutionary idea. After years of development, this patented chronograph was presented to the world in 2001.

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