Trust is a gift, they say. In truth, it must be earned

If you want to buy a valuable piece of jewellery or an exclusive watch, you need a partner you can trust. On the one hand, we build up this trust through personal consultation. On the other hand, by always being able to trace and prove the origin of our products and materials. All our dealers can show a complete transparency – whether with precious metals or with the recycling.

Our raw material: conflict-free precious metals and gemstones with trustworthy origins

Precious metals and gemstones are indispensable raw materials for jewellers and goldsmiths. Their outstanding properties arouse many desires – unfortunately also accompanied by dubious business practices and inhumane production conditions. We work exclusively with conflict-free gemstones, diamonds and recycled gold according to German standards made of old gold. For this purpose we are happy to buy your old gold.

Recycling with transparency and value retention

Precious metals are too valuable not to recover them. Recycling means sustainability, because it creates something new without touching the sources of raw materials. The processing of precious metals does not mean a loss of material or even value. With us as your partner, you can be sure that when your precious metals are recycled, the sampling is trustworthy and the yield is maximised.

Master goldsmith in Wiesbaden

Stefan Oberleitner

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