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Hans D. Krieger – Jewellery made of high-quality diamonds from your Wiesbaden jeweller

All pieces of jewellery created by Hans D. Krieger can be characterised by two different things: they are valuable and highly desirable. What nature has created over millions of years is crafted in Krieger's manufactory with the greatest knowledge and stylistic sensitivity. Raw natural treasures become noble masterpieces. Made in Germany and worldwide appreciated by jewellery lovers.

Behind the Hans D. Krieger brand stands a jewellery family from Idar-Oberstein, which proudly looks back on its almost 300 years of tradition in jewellery production. In the 19th century, Idar-Oberstein developed into one of the most important jewellery centres in Germany. The craft and trade around the refinement and processing of gemstones flourished. From 1935, the Krieger family concentrated on diamond grinding. Since 1963, jewellery has been made on request of customers. Today, in the fourth generation, unique masterpieces are created in Hans D. Krieger's own manufactory. 

The own collection concentrates on colored gemstones and natural colored diamonds. All work steps in jewellery production are completely performed under one roof – from the rough diamond, its various types of cuts, the skilful use of the natural colour to the design and completion by goldsmiths and setters in the manufactory. This is how fabulously beautiful unique pieces and exclusive small series – jewellery for eternity – are created.

Hans D. Krieger puts great emphasis on the 'five C' of diamonds:




Cut and


Not only the trust in the authenticity of the stones plays an increasingly important role today, but also the origin of the gold is becoming more and more important. Just as for our own unique jewellery from Oberleitner, Hans D. Krieger has a transparent and responsible supply chain with precisely documented secondary sources for the gold used. Sustainability and a responsible handling of natural resources are the main principles.

Krieger's specialities are natural-coloured diamonds that have not been irradiated and have been left natural in their unique colours. These are particularly rare and thus unique natural pieces. The jewellery designs of Hans D. Krieger stand out in particular for their contemporary interpretation of classics. For a new elegance, a new definition of luxury, which enjoys worldwide recognition through the most complicated cuts and mountings.
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