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We are pleased that you want get married! In addition, we would not only like to bring ourselves into conversation as a jewellery shop with many years of consulting and manufacturing expertise in our own jewellery studio, but also give a few tips on the subject of wedding rings themselves.

A small hoarfrost Precious metal with great symbolic power

You probably had the association ›old-fashioned‹ when reading the word ›Bond‹. But behind this lies the traditional concept of the connection of two people, which still has its meaning today. Such a covenant for life has been sealed in our latitudes since the 11th century with the ring exchange, the mutual attaching of the wedding ring. Before that the woman wore the ring alone as a sign of being married, which symbolized rather a legally binding obligation towards the spouse, since love marriages were still rare.

Today two uniform rings symbolize the promise of loyalty of two people who love each other. The hand on which the wedding ring is worn is now left to each individual – in the past it was common practice in Northern and Eastern Europe and also in Germany to wear it on the right. In America and as an exception in the archdiocese of Trier he is on the left. The choice of the hand may be free today, but this decision is of great importance for us jewellers, but less in aesthetic than in ergonomic terms. Because we still shake hands with the right hand. If you wear your wedding ring here, it is all the more important that the rings fit perfectly to the phalanx and do not press on the fingers when shaking hands.

If you want to wear your ring on the left, you can choose more generously designed rings. But there is one thing to remember: A wedding ring should accompany the wearer for a lifetime and become one with him over time. In addition, our hands also change over the years. They become stronger, especially the finger joints, and it is all the more important that wedding rings can ›grow‹ with them – this succeeds better with simpler designs. In our studio your rings can then be easily adjusted in width.

Another nice tradition is the ›morning gift‹. Originally, it was intended as a financial gift that the bride received after the wedding night. For some time now we have been observing a revival of this tradition under contemporary conditions. The emancipated bride of today gives back! The morning gift is therefore today rather exchanged on the wedding morning, thus before the Jawort, on both sides, gladly in form of decoration: That can be something personal, creative or romantic – cuff links for instance, or a second Beisteck ring.

About this as well we would be happy to advise you, so that the surprise really succeeds.

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