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We love jewellery and are always looking for something special. We trade enthusiastically exclusive gold jewelry, diamond jewelry with natural diamonds. We see ourselves as goldsmiths and are proud of this craft. After all, the goldsmith is probably one of the oldest metal craftsmen in the history of mankind. Thousands of years old ideals of beauty are reflected in the products of this profession. Although the processes at the workbench of the goldsmith have become highly differentiated and specialised over time, many aesthetic demands have remained the same and our materials alone remain so precious that a basic idea becomes a ritual. Even in the 21st century, the goldsmith is first and foremost a craftsman - sensitive, attentive, art-loving and patient. No wonder, for the metal is often alloyed, melted, cast, rolled and processed into rings or filigree wires. There is no trace of industrial division of labour. Instead, fantasy and pronounced motor skills are in the foreground. And this can be seen in our unique jewellery.

On your wish and after your exact conceptions we forge exclusive individual pieces such as chains, rings or ear studs in the in-house master studio of Juwelier Oberleitner. Do you have an idea for a special gift for a loved one? We create it for you. Tell us about it!

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