Goldsmith Oberleitner Jewellery

The in-house goldsmith at Juwelier Oberleitner in Wiesbaden

The goldsmith is probably one of the oldest metalworkers in human history. Thousands of years old ideals of beauty and their evolution are reflected in the products of this profession. Many work steps have hardly changed for centuries, some for thousands of years. Thus, even in the 21st century, the goldsmith is still primarily a craftsman – with a love of art and detail.

No wonder, since the metal is alloyed, melted, cast, rolled, forged, sawn, drilled and in the most varied forms. There are no signs of industrial division of labour. Instead, fantasy and  creativity are in the foreground. One can see it in the pieces of jewellery.

The biggest compliment you can make us is to wear your jewellery every day. We design and manufacture unique pieces according to your personal ideas and integrate them closely into the creation process. Also we remodel and repair your inherited and beloved pieces of jewellery for you.

Personal service and reliability are very important to us

Goldschmiedemeister in Wiesbaden

Stefan Oberleitner

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